William Pickup is in his mid-fifties and he, along with many others, finds that hard to believe. He lives in Sydney's Northern Beaches with his wife Lee.

He enjoys making things and is passionate about craft. He's lately been drawn to musical instrument making and has a few guitars under his belt.

A life long interest been the pursuit of a simpler lifestyles, being greatly influenced by the back to land movement of the 1970's. This has manifested at various times through yoga, natural health (he has a Naturopathic Diploma) and establishing self reliance in food, shelter and energy. He attended one of Bill Mollisons early workshops on Permaculture (at the 1981 Tanelorn Music Festival) and has remained fascinated by this movement.

A computer hobbyist at school (TRS-80 and PDP11 via teletype) he has worked in IT since the 1980's, starting out as a programmer on mainframes. During the 1990's he started working as a Solution Architect and has worked in IT Architecture since then. Much of his career has been spent designing large scale solutions for corporate clients in the Telecommunications and Finance industries.


Sydney, Australia