This is the web home of William Pickup.

Slowlane is a place where I collect (and sometimes create) stories I find interesting. My aim is to provide a source of information that I am keen to read in the hope that others may also find it useful. Its also a way for me to learn about the online world.

I enjoy making and am passionate about crafts. My focus these days is on building musical instruments and learning ceramics.

Another long term theme in my life has been the pursuit of a simpler lifestyle. This has included at various times yoga, running, natural health, healthy eating and establishing self reliance in food, shelter and energy.

I have worked in IT since the late 1980's, starting out as a programmer on mainframes then working my way through minicomputers and then learning C and various PC environments as they developed. During the 1990's I started working as a Solution Architect and have worked in IT Architecture since then. Much of career has been spent designing large scale solutions for corporate clients in the Telecommunications and Finance industries.

I use affiliate links when linking to iTunes or Amazon.