In 2013 a couple of filmmakers bravely took on the risk of making a high quality movie about the Permaculture movement in North America. Once they had shot the footage, they launched a kickstarter project to raise funds to complete the project last year. The movie, Inhabit was recently released. It was initially released through Vimeo and Yekra an innovative distribution channel which has since closed its doors.

David Holmgren, the co-founder of Permaculture with Bill Mollison, has a new book in the works. This one focuses on retrofitting the environments that most of us live in today - the suburbs.I enjoyed this interview with David on the books’ promo website.

There are some excellent galleries in Sydney that focus on displaying the work of local ceramic artists. I am sure its a labour of love for most of the gallery owners as the market is not large and the work required to mount a successful exhibition is significant. Chinaclay Kerrie Lowe Sabbia Planet Furniture - have an interesting collection of tableware from local makers and a collection of vintage japanese work If in the mood to travel further afield, the gallery at the Sturt in Mittagong always has an eclectic mix of furniture and ceramics.

I describe myself as a Maker, for me the term is a indicator of where my inspiration and satisfaction are found. This has generally been realised in the workshop making objects with wood and more recently clay. Its harder to find in the work I do as a Solution and Enterprise architect. Aspects are definitely present, as myself or my team are generally involved with a larger to team to create and implement a new software capability.

The most popular post on Slowlane has been Ceramics Destinations in Kyoto, this post seeks to provide the same information for a Tokyo visitor. Mingeikan Also known as the Japan Folk Crafts Museum. Soetsu Yanagi 1 created this museum to display his collection of mingei items (daily necessities made by common people using local materials)It displays a collection of mingei pottery, textiles and lacquer ware. Feature exhibitions are also held regularly.

Following a link from Fine Woodworking I came across an inspiring collection of videos featuring a group of traditional craftspeople who live in the US state of Arkansas. The state has sponsored the production of a movie series featuring each craftsman talking about their work and practising in their studios. Something that stands out is the advanced age of some of the artists who are still practising. Chair maker Dallas Bump is 94 and fiddle maker Violet Hensley was still making well into her 90’s.

Great infographic post at infowetrust via the Huffington Post and macademic that shows the daily ritual of interesting historical figures. Smoking, coffee and beer appear frequently.

Wolfram at SXSW The link above is to a transcript of Stephen Wolframs SXSW talk, a mind boggling run down of the incredible computational power that his firm of rolling out. The potential to harness these capabilities into new types of software is enormous. Worth reading right through for a glimpse of the future.

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