Bookmarks for october 13th through december 8th

These are my links for October 13th through December 8th:


Bookmarks for september 18th through october 9th

These are my links for September 18th through October 9th:

  • Rewild the Child - Reading this I realise how lucky I was to grow up where children roamed about freely and at a time when there was still plenty of nature to be found not far from the back door.

  • The Internet Is a Surveillance State - "Maintaining privacy on the Internet is nearly impossible. If you forget even once to enable your protections, or click on the wrong link, or type the wrong thing, you've permanently attached your name to whatever anonymous service you're using."

  • Top 10 Excuses Why We're Still Addicted to Supermarkets - I am against much of the damage wrought by supermarkets, yet I am guilty of many of these excuses from time to time. Good reminder to stay vigilant.


Bookmarks for august 19th through august 28th

These are my links for August 19th through August 28th:


Bookmarks for august 6th through august 7th

These are my links for August 6th through August 7th:


Bookmarks for august 1st through august 5th

These are my links for August 1st through August 5th:

  • Cover Crops Solutions Chart - Explains why an "untidy" looking garden is less work and will have healthier soil.

  • Resurrection Men - Usual great writing from Monbiot as he brings some common sense to the de-extinction conversation while also making a plea for the much more urgent cause of preserving and nurturing the environments of species that are endangered today.

  • Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts - Its time I made some progress on building something like this.

  • You Call That a Roof? - I enjoy pictures of peoples home made houses. The Shelter books by Lloyd Kahn provide one of my favourite browsing experiences


Bookmarks for july 17th through july 18th

These are my links for July 17th through July 18th: - Go Plastic Free: Find your Strength - Go Plastic Free, great mind map outlining the challenge of eliminating plastics from your life.

  • Entropy Crushers - Rands shows why teams over a certain size will benefit from a project manager.

  • Not a geek - Matt Gemmell - A personal look at techie labels and tribal branding, Matt seeks to define himself based on what he does.


Bookmarks for july 3rd through july 11th

These are my links for July 3rd through July 11th:

  • Peak Water: What Happens When the Wells Go Dry? - All over the world irrigators are pumping water from deep acquifiers that will not be replenished through rainfall. When these finally dry up a crisis of water shortage will occur.

  • None the Wiser by Chris Wood - Here is an album review really works for me, by relating a personal account of her experience of seeing the musician and then exploring his new album. Sold.

  • Storm in an iPhone - An incredible review of a new iPhone app and a fascinating introduction into the world of recording natural soundscapes. Full of interesting links and side tracks. The type of post that makes RSS so valuable.

  • Peak Timber - Interesting reflection on the investment properties of wood