Lost in this beautiful world

I have been enjoying the album Lost in this beautiful world by Jon Lacey. It's a melodic piano and guitar driven folk album with an authentic feel, partly due to the raw quality of Jon's voice. The songs are introspective and engaging.

I discovered Jon's music while searching for recordings by one his collaborators on this album Tom McConville. We saw Tom play at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis during our last visit to England in October 2011. It was fun night with a small enthusiastic crowd of locals and the odd traveller. His playing adds haunting depth to some of the albums best songs.

Tom McConville & David Newey at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, October 2011

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Shakuhachi festival world masters concert

Just returned from a concert that was the major public event of the 5th World Shakuhachi Festival. This gathering was a rare opportunity to see and hear some of the worlds foremost players and was an extraordinary experience.  Tonights concert featured pieces played on Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen and harp. A musical and accomplished Australian Aboriginal welcome ceremony was performed by Matthew Doyle. A mass playing of Temuke by the festival participants was a highlight.

All the performances were excellent, Riley Lee was superb however it was the Ajikan (meditation on the letter A) played by Living National Treasure Reibo Aoki that was the most absorbing. He had a powerful presence that brought a deep stillness to the auditorium.

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New Listening

!Album by Chris Smither

Album by Chris Smither

I first heard Chris at the Blue Mountains Music Festival a few years ago, and I'm excited to see he is coming back again this year. We loved his music and went back to see his show again the next day. This new album is excellent.

I have nearly all of Van's albums and this continues his return to form after a bit of a slump a few albums ago. Full of lyrics inspired by the Global Financial Crisis and Van's usual theme's. There is a stronger Jazz flavour than he's add for a while and the album features some great sax and plenty of horns.

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