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    A Vision of the Future

    Wolfram at SXSW

    The link above is to a transcript of Stephen Wolframs SXSW talk, a mind boggling run down of the incredible computational power that his firm of rolling out.

    The potential to harness these capabilities into new types of software is enormous.

    Worth reading right through for a glimpse of the future.


    Remote posting

    This is my first post from my iPad using Diet Coda to edit the Octopress post.

    I have now converted the blog from Wordpress and built a workflow for posting from the iPad.

    Not happy worth the load speed of the header so that will probably go, otherwise I really like the simple template that octopress provides.

    One of the challenges looks to be efficient syncing of the locally generated site up to my web host, I am using a Transmit synch but it takes about 15 minutes even if only one page has changed.


    Models for decision making

    I like this introduction to decision making techniques at Creative Market.

    "Some decisions appear to be relatively straight forward until you take a step back and look at the entire picture with a fresh perspective. You may notice that there are a variety of factors that actually impact a choice or decision that you did not notice before."

    The post also features a nice mind map example from Learning Fundamentals focused on personal actions for reducing climate change impacts.

    I find the iPad an ideal tool for mind mapping especially with the power of iThoughtsHD.


    Dark Sky - how it works

    This post is a fascinating description of the design of Dark Sky.
    I enjoyed the way the development team used a combination of open source tools, publicly available radar data and some clever numerical analysis rendered into a form that allows the iPhone's GPU to be employed. Great read.

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