Sydney Ceramics Galleries


There are some excellent galleries in Sydney that focus on displaying the work of local artists and providing exhibition space.

I am sure its a labour of love for most of the gallery owners as the market is not large and the work required to mount a successful exhibition is signifcant.

Inhabit Movie


Back in 2013 a couple of filmmakers bravely took on the risk of making a high quality movie about the Permaculture movement in North America. Once they had shot the footage, they launched a kickstarter project to raise funds to complete the project last year.

Ceramic Destinations in Tokyo


The most popular post on Slowlane has been Ceramics Destinations in Kyoto, this post seeks to provide the same information for a Tokyo visitor.

Arkansas Living Treasures


Following a link from Fine Woodworking I came across an inspiring collection of videos featuring a group of traditional craftspeople who live in the US state of Arkansas.

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