Sydney Ceramics Galleries

There are some excellent galleries in Sydney that focus on displaying the work of local artists and providing exhibition space.

I am sure its a labour of love for most of the gallery owners as the market is not large and the work required to mount a successful exhibition is signifcant.

Chinaclay Kerrie Lowe Sabbia

If in the mood to travel further afield, the galley at the Sturt College in Mittagong always has an eclectic mix of work in particular furniture and ceramics.


Making and Work

I describe myself as a Maker, for me the term is a indicator of where my inspiration and satisfaction are found. This has generally been realised in the workshop making objects with wood and more recently clay. Its harder to find in the work I do as a Solution and Enterprise architect. Aspects are definitely present, as myself or my team are generally involved with a larger to team to create and implement a new software capability. However as I have moved more into management it has been becoming a more distant aspect of daily work life.

I think this is part of why I am attracted to the web design world and the app builders. I started my career as a programmer and still regard this as a core skill however it doesn't feature in my professional life a great deal.

New influences
1. Treehouse
2. Offscreen magazine
3. Execute

Matt Gemmell wrote about Makers and Takers in a typically strong fashion a couple of years ago. Its really good piece (his blog is always a stimulating read).

People who make things, or Makers, contribute something to the universe. Makers are people like writers, musicians, artists, architects, software engineers, carpenters, and the chap at the coffee shop who makes your morning latte. He has a skill, and he applies it to create something that makes your day a little bit better.

There’s another type of person - I call these people Takers. Takers participate in the economy as money-handlers, exchanging currency on the back of others’ creations. They lend, and sell, and negotiate and manage. You can argue that these things are in themselves skills, and that’s true - but none are anything I’d aspire to
I use the services of Takers to the extent that it’s necessary, and accept the tacit crassness and unseemliness of the interaction as a cultural cost. I don’t think that it always has to, or will, be like this, but I accept it for now.
Choose someone you admire or otherwise care about. Given knowledge of your motives, would they be genuinely proud of you in your work? That’s the test. What are you creating?


A Vision of the Future

Wolfram at SXSW

The link above is to a transcript of Stephen Wolframs SXSW talk, a mind boggling run down of the incredible computational power that his firm of rolling out.

The potential to harness these capabilities into new types of software is enormous.

Worth reading right through for a glimpse of the future.


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  • Rewild the Child - Reading this I realise how lucky I was to grow up where children roamed about freely and at a time when there was still plenty of nature to be found not far from the back door.

  • The Internet Is a Surveillance State - "Maintaining privacy on the Internet is nearly impossible. If you forget even once to enable your protections, or click on the wrong link, or type the wrong thing, you've permanently attached your name to whatever anonymous service you're using."

  • Top 10 Excuses Why We're Still Addicted to Supermarkets - I am against much of the damage wrought by supermarkets, yet I am guilty of many of these excuses from time to time. Good reminder to stay vigilant.