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    Seasonal Eating

    The way to keep the food miles down is to eat in sync with whats in season for your region. Its a simple idea that would once have been the only option for most people. In modern first world countries it now requires an effort to know what is in season and to track down local producers. If you have a local farmers market then patronise it well so the producers keep going to the trouble of turning up.

    Slowfood Sydney has a useful blog that regularly posts information on seasonal produce, here is the latest entry.


    We should build mandolins

    Here is another beautiful video celebrating craftsmanship.

    It features Tom Ellis who started building mandolins from his rural workshop in late 1970's. Tom has recently relaunched his instrument line in collaboration with Pava one his co-workers.

    The video was produced by the Fretboard Journal a very high quality magazine that features stories and photo's about guitars, players and makers.


    Bookmarks for august 1st through august 5th

    These are my links for August 1st through August 5th:

    • Cover Crops Solutions Chart - Explains why an "untidy" looking garden is less work and will have healthier soil.

    • Resurrection Men - Usual great writing from Monbiot as he brings some common sense to the de-extinction conversation while also making a plea for the much more urgent cause of preserving and nurturing the environments of species that are endangered today.

    • Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts - Its time I made some progress on building something like this.

    • You Call That a Roof? - I enjoy pictures of peoples home made houses. The Shelter books by Lloyd Kahn provide one of my favourite browsing experiences


    The franklin river campaign - 25 years on

    This post was inspired by a rendition Shane Howard gave of his song Let the Franklin Flow at the Blue Mountains Blues Festival a few months ago.

    25 years since the Franklin River Campaign
    In July 1983 the Australian High Court ruled the Franklin Dam could be stopped by the new Federal Labour Government against the wishes of the Tasmanian State government.
    Prior to this over 1000 people from all over Australia and the world had travelled down to the river site camps and been arrested in a mass act of civil disobedience.
    I was there with a number of friends and it was one of the defining experiences of my life.
    We camped in the rainforest near Strahan for a week or two and among the many wonderful experiences I remember meeting Bob Brown who so impressed me with his integrity that I have voted for him and the Greens ever since.
    In the action where I took part we walked down a logging track ("the Crotty Road") which had been ruled Hydro Electric Commission land, meaning we were trespassing. There was some media interest as the novelist James McQueen was part of our group and the TV cameras were there. This caused some consternation at my grandparents house when their nephew appeared briefly on the Channel 7 news for his 15 seconds of fame.

    Bob Brown getting ready to address the Crotty Road protest in 1983. Photo from the National Gallery Collection - Bob Brown Collection 1.

    The action was well planned and we were duly arrested and bundled off to Risdon jail. Expecting to be held in the remand block we were surprised to find that it was full of "greenies" so we were put into the maximum security wing with some unsavoury characters. Those few days in a cell and an enclosed exercise area confirmed for me the wisdom of staying on the "straight and narrow". Our arrest was eventually ruled illegal and we were free to go.
    The Wilderness Society has some videos on YouTube that will transport anyone who was there back 25 years to another world.

    [![Franklin River Campaign Video 1][youtube]][youtube 2]
    [![Franklin River Campaign Video 2][youtube 3]][youtube 4]

    Franklin River Campaign Video 3


    A look behind the increasing prevalence of supermarket-organic-products

    Is Organic Supermarket Food a Lie? Revealing look behind the supermarket green wash. The example is from Europe however it is surely just as relevant here in Australia. The call to action

    Here is what we can do starting today
    * Stop supporting industrial food by buying it. Organic is better than conventional, but still not good.
    * Build relationships with small local farmers that believe in quality and practice sustainable agriculture.
    * Learn to grow our own food.

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