BEN - bicycle empowerment network

Its Blog Action Day - my plug is for BEN the Bicycle Empowerment Network of Namibia.
Established by Australian Michael Linke who had previously edited Australian Cyclist, which at the time was Australia's largest circulation cycling magazine, and ReNew, a magazine aimed at people designing, making and using solar, wind and biofuel energy devices, lowering their energy consumption and designing environmentally sustainable houses and businesses.

Since starting in May 2005, they have distributed more than 7,000 bicycles, 80 bicycle ambulances and 9 community-based bicycle workshops. BEN has partnered with 51 community-based organisations, mainly focused on home-based care services for people living with HIV/AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children, as well as the dissemination of information on HIV prevention.

Head over to their web page and make a donation.

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Rushkoff, a change agent

I have been reading two books by Douglas Rushkoff. "Program or Be Programmed" and "Life Inc". These books have well reasoned arguments that encourage a subversive approach to two pervasive elements of modern life

  • The rise of technocratic class that you should join before they take control of to many aspects of your life
  • A fundamental challenge to our modern economic model and the way that plays out in our jobs and life choices

This is fascinating stuff and fits into a rare category of books that change the way you view the world around you.
There are many videos linked from his website and they are great viewing as he is a gifted orator and spruiker for change.

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