Lost in this beautiful world

I have been enjoying the album Lost in this beautiful world by Jon Lacey. It's a melodic piano and guitar driven folk album with an authentic feel, partly due to the raw quality of Jon's voice. The songs are introspective and engaging.

I discovered Jon's music while searching for recordings by one his collaborators on this album Tom McConville. We saw Tom play at the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis during our last visit to England in October 2011. It was fun night with a small enthusiastic crowd of locals and the odd traveller. His playing adds haunting depth to some of the albums best songs.

Tom McConville & David Newey at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis, October 2011

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Models for decision making

I like this introduction to decision making techniques at Creative Market.

"Some decisions appear to be relatively straight forward until you take a step back and look at the entire picture with a fresh perspective. You may notice that there are a variety of factors that actually impact a choice or decision that you did not notice before."

The post also features a nice mind map example from Learning Fundamentals focused on personal actions for reducing climate change impacts.

I find the iPad an ideal tool for mind mapping especially with the power of iThoughtsHD.


Prioritising organic foods and challenges to paleo

Mark Sisson runs a business that promotes a version of the Paleo diet and philosophy (Primal). He writes some excellent posts on his blog that I often find myself nodding in agreement with. A recent post that suggests a prioritised list of what to buy from organic sources is an example.

What Foods to Buy Organic

I like this list. In addition, its also important to consider

  • Animal welfare. Always look for evidence of best practises in animal welfare and support these growers and suppliers
  • Sourcing food outside of the large supermarket monopolies. These organisations are the front line for the globalised industrial agriculture hegemony that places profit above environment, health and people, see (Supply Chain complexity, UK Supermarkets ranked). Favour local shops, farmers markets and online retailers that support small farms and food diversity.

Its also worth noting that some of the tenets of the Paleo belief system are being challenged by research, as reported at MacDrifter today -> Paleo Dream.


Solvay Conference 1911

Mark Bernstein: Going To Conferences

Bernstein illustrates his argument by describing the photo below, which brought to my attention that so many these famous scientists were contemporaries.

There’s a picture in the lobby of the Hotel Metropole in Brussels of the attendees at the first Solvay conference in 1911. Madame Curie is sitting next to Henri Poincaré; they’re both examining a paper and it’s more interesting than the group photo. Behind them, a shockingly young Al Einstein is paying more attention to the photographer. Nernst is there, and Rutherford, Lorentz, Planck, de Broglie, Brillouin, Langevin...


Permaculture ethics

I have been interested in Permaculture since 1980 when I stumbled upon a copy of Permaculture 2 in our local bookshop (the same shop also introduced me to The One Straw Revolution and Ecotopia around the same time).

Over the years I have experimented with various permaculture methods and been fortunate enough to meet Bill Mollison on a number of occasions. One of these was at the Tanelorn Music Festival held at Stroud in the Hunter Valley in 1981, not long after I had discovered the book. I clearly remember Bill wearing a skin of some sort as he ambled about the festival. I also remember the inspiring spirit of his Permaculture workshop which had a strong focus on Ethics.

Maddy Harland, the editor of the Permaculture Journal has written a succinct introduction to the subject of Permaculture ethics which you can read here. You can download a free copy of the magazine from the same page.

The Permaculture Research Institute has a dynamic web site with a large range of resources online.

One Straw Revolution Link Ecotopoia Link